Who are modern day vikings?

They are bunch of hardcore spirited ordinary people, who instead of spending their weekends playing golf or tending their garden have decided to go out and spend a few days as they would have had in 10th century. They live, eat, fight and party like our viking ancestors. Our goal is to provide them with all that is necessary to be a modern day viking.

All our products are tested by professional vikings who live only to battle and raid.

New products:

Reasons to choose us.

Best price imaginable

Since we feel, that it is our moral duty to ensure that re-enactors have all the equipment they need, we work hard to keep the price as low as possible.

We understand your problems.

We are reanactors ourselves, so we are doing our best to eliminate the problems that usually appear while buying equipment online.

Quality products

We like things that are made to last, so we thrive towards selling only the products that are of highest quality, while keeping the price low.


Wide reach

Thanks to our connections around the globe, we are capable of finding a supplier for anything, even when it is not in our product list. If anybody can do it, it’s us!

We love re-enacting.

We love what we do and we have since the young age. That ensures highest quality service you can possibly imagine.

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24/7 support

We are always there for your needs and questions, litterally, we will help you 24/7.

What is this "Viking Test" we keep talking about?

The legend says, that in the deepWifi filled forests of Estonia, there lives a group of viking Reaanactors, who can break literally anything. So our logic is that if they use our products, and the product survives them, then it is more than durable enough for the regular user. 

Look forward to our videos on Youtube, where we try to demolish many of our products to test their durability!

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