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Conical Tent


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Although most often associated with Native Americans, conical or tepee/laavu type tents have also been widely used by others, especially by the many people in what are now the northern parts of Finland, Norway and Russia.

Although no direct evidence exists for it, one could even argue that this type of tent might have had a wider area of useage amongst the Nordic and Baltic peoples in more ancient times, since unlike the few tent finds from ship burials it only requires one to transport the canvas, whilst the frame could be quickly made anywhere from simple wooden poles. Additionally one can make a fire in it, which makes camping in cold climates much more comfortable.

Our conical tents are made from waterproof canvas with 50/50 linen and cotton consistency and can be made any size by your preference. It is also possible to make a fire inside in order to keep one warm and cook.

Sadly postal doesn’t have an option to ship anything longer than 1 meter within reasonable price ranges so unless you are a local or live within a neighbouring country we are unable to provide you with a frame for the tent. We can however provide free instructions of how to easily and quickly make the frame yourself, with both full lenght and collapsible options available.

This tent is also highöy customizable, contact us for anything you need.


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