Viking Leg Wraps

Viking Leg Wraps


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In the Viking age leg wrapping were used both by Scandinavians and many neighboring peoples. The were good for closing up the lower part of pants in the winter so snow wouldn’t get in and providing some extra warmth for the legs. We also know from ethnographical data that in very hot summers farmes often neglected to wear pants at all and just used a long knee-length shirt and leg wraps whilst doing work on the fields.

Our leg wraps are made of woolen fabric and come in two different lengths. The pair also features brass clasps made after a find from Birka in order to make fastening faster and easier!

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2 meters, 3 meters


1(Brown), 2(Dark blue), 3(Black), 4(Dark gray), 5(Red), 6(Light gray), 7(Purple), 8(Light blue), 9(Orange), 10(Green), 11(Yellow)


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