Fingered Leather Gauntlets

Fingered Leather Gauntlets


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As there is no evidence for gauntlets from the Viking period, those of us who wish to feel safe whilst fighting full contact in Viking gear must find alternatives that might suit for the period.

Since leather doesn’t preserve well through the ages and has been known to be used as armor, one of the most logical choices of gauntlets for a fighter wearing a Viking Age set is to use thick leather gloves.

These gauntlets are hand sewn from 2 layers of waxed 3-5mm leather, with a decorative covering of a leather with a color of your choice,
they also come with a sewn dragon ornament, other styles are also available upon request!


Additional information

Gauntlet hand

Right Gauntlet, Left Gauntlet, Both Hands

Dragon ornament

Yes, No

Glove size (EU)

7, 8, 9, 10, 11

Leather color

Tan, Brown, Black, Red

Edge Trim Color

White, Black, Red, Black, Tan, Brown, No Trim


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