Steel Lamellar Armour

Steel Lamellar Armour


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Historically lamellar armors are often considered a cheaper alternative to mail. Making small plates was possible from basically any material whilst quality iron was required to make wire. Due to it consisting of plates it is also more rigid and holds up better to blunt trauma which is especially important in modern reenactment battles with blunt weapons.

Our lamellar armor is made from plates fashioned after the findings from the Viking town of Birka, however we can make any type of plates you like, just let us know. The armor will be made according to your measurements and wishes!


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Mild steel, Stainless steel, Spring steel, Heat Treated Spring Steel


Vest, Vest With Upper Arms, Full Set

Lace Color

Black, Brown, Red, Natural

Edge Trim Color

Black, Brown, Red, Natural


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