Valsgärde Arms

Valsgärde Arms


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From the 8th grave of the Valsgärde site, iron splints, supposedly used as arm and leg armor were unearthed.  Historically the splints were probably riveted on leather strips/belts that both held the armor together and also made it able to be fastened to the wearers arm. We offer  a simple and historical option with leather version, one with steel splints riveted to a leather vambrace and a deluxe variant with brass decoration and patterns worked into the leatherwork!



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Simple (Steel splints riveted on leather belts), Advanced (Steel strips riveted on leather vambraces), Deluxe (Steel strips on leather vambraces with brasswork and decorated letaher)

Steel Type

1mm mild steel, 1.5mm mild steel, 1-1.2mm hardened steel

Edge trim (For deluxe)

No trim, Red, Brown, Black


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